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June 2023

Industry Awareness Feature

Career opportunities in the Hospitality Industry

In this feature story, we include excerpts from a conversation with Vijay Kumar Parmar - General Manager at Neonz Resort. The resort property spans 15 sprawling acres of land in Charotar, Gujarat. Neonz is an exclusive 5-star lifestyle resort and club that brings together exciting and contemporary concepts in luxury and hospitality.

Neonz is a member of AIRDA and an RCI-affiliated resort. In the vacation ownership space, they offer vacation club memberships over different periods of tenure.

Vijay Parmar is a senior hospitality professional with experience in facilities management services. At work, he brings in a wide range of professional inputs including operations management, team motivation, team building, team leadership, and broad areas of engineering support. He previously worked as a Facilities Manager with Sodexo Facilities & OCS (UK), and the Taj Group of Hotels (IHCL) in a senior technical support role.

This feature presents our conversations with Vijay Parmar about job and career opportunities in the hospitality industry. He discusses work areas, skill sets, and what makes hospitality jobs interesting.

Looking for a career in the world of hospitality?

Whether you have a passion for creating memorable dining experiences, managing hotels, or organizing events, the hospitality industry offers a diverse range of exciting and rewarding career paths across various roles and work areas. Individual functions can be linked to the front desk, housekeeping, food & beverage, sales & marketing, information technology, and facility upkeep - to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient running of the hotel or resort.

Career seekers will be exposed to a convergence of multiple operational components that come together to deliver unique customer experiences. Here are some work areas that you can consider:

Food and beverage: Includes restaurants, bars, cafes, catering, food delivery, and other sections linked to F&B services.

Lodging: Includes hotels, timeshare resorts, homestays, corporate guest houses, and other similar hospitality formats.

Entertainment: Includes casinos, theme parks, and other similar business formats that offer entertainment.

Travel and tourism: Includes travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, car rental companies, and other businesses that facilitate travel and tourism.

What skill sets would you need?

Customer service skills: Helping you interact with customers, understand their needs or expectations, and provide them with quality service. Customer service skills are crucial for any job in the hospitality industry as they help you attract and retain customers.

Communication skills: It is useful to be fluent in spoken and written forms of communication. This comes into play when you are interacting with customers and work associates. How good you are at the job will also determine how quickly you can go up the ladder.

Teamwork skills: Essential for any job in the hospitality industry because you need to work closely with associates, supervisors, and external partners. Teamwork skills also help you create a positive work environment and culture.

Organizational skills: Organizational skills help you plan, prioritize, manage, and execute tasks efficiently and effectively. Organizational skills also help you handle multiple responsibilities, meet deadlines, follow procedures, and ensure quality standards.

Adaptability skills: Adaptability skills help you adjust to changing situations at the workplace. Adaptability skills also help you cope with challenges, learn new skills, embrace diversity, and respond to customer needs and requests.

What makes the hospitality industry different?

Variety: The hospitality industry offers a wide range of opportunities that cater to different job profiles. You have the opportunity to work in various sectors, locations, settings, and cultures. You also have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience in various work areas within the industry.

Flexibility: The hospitality industry provides flexible work schedules that can accommodate both your personal and professional needs. You have the option to work part-time or full-time, during the day or night, on weekdays or weekends. You also have the option to work seasonally or year-round based on your availability.

Creativity: The hospitality industry provides an opportunity for you to showcase your creative skills at the workplace. You have the ability to create new dishes, drinks, menus, events, or concepts that will appeal to your customers. You can also utilize your problem-solving skills to address challenges and enhance the quality of service.

Satisfaction: The hospitality industry gives you the opportunity to influence customer satisfaction - which in turn gives you job satisfaction. You can help create memorable experiences and build lasting relationships with your customers, colleagues, and partners.

The hospitality industry is a rewarding and exciting career field that offers exciting opportunities for growth and development – from early first-rung roles to higher levels of growth and responsibility. If you have a passion for serving customers, creating memorable experiences, and working in a fast-paced environment, try and obtain more information about courses, institutions, and other qualifications that you might need.

But don’t wait another minute to take the first steps.

Image credits: Images licensed from Freepik.

Content Disclaimer: The views expressed in our interviews and stories do not necessarily reflect the official policies, practices and guidelines of the All India Resort Development Association, or its members. These views are based on personal experiences, private opinion, or open source information. (Images used here are either "paid-for" stock photos, images shared by the people we interview, or images under one of the open source licenses such as Creative Commons and others.)

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