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September 2023

Consumer Advisory Feature

How to choose a timeshare resort from AIRDA’s member list

When you’re considering a timeshare plan for annual vacations, it is always useful to make an informed decision. To help you with that, here’s some background information to ensure you’re heading in the right direction:

Visualize Your Dream Holiday: Does the timeshare under review offer holiday locations and plans that come close to what you have in mind? (Consider factors such as locations, features, facilities, and activities.)

Family-Friendly Package: Is the package you’re looking at flexible enough to accommodate the whole family? Check for facilities, comfort levels, and activities suitable for all family members.

Review Multiple Options: Should you settle for the first acceptable resort that comes your way? Review at least three resorts in your “meet-my-needs” category. Compare locations, prices, packages, and overall appeal.

Explore customer offers: Once you’ve arrived at a final list of resorts, try negotiating the best deal possible on the package you’ve chosen. Sometimes timeshare providers can offer better deals than the “MRP” (Maximum Retail Price).

On Exchange Points /Credits: Check if the package you’re considering provides exchange points or credits that can be redeemed at other network resorts or destinations.

You could add other selection criteria to the points we have shared here. And like we have said it is always useful to make an informed decision and choose a timeshare plan/resort promoter that aligns with your need list.

We think it is also useful to ask yourself another important question. Is the timeshare resort a member of AIRDA? The trust factor here is membership with the All India Resort Development Association. For resort owners, an AIRDA membership is like an accreditation – helping promote industry standards in terms of features, facilities, package formats, and compliance with our code of ethics. (A very important plus point for customers.)

Here’s what you can find on AIRDA’s member list

AIRDA has a mix of small, medium, and large format timeshare companies as members. You will find a small resort with an affordable membership plan at a home resort location near you. You will also find larger members with a network of resort locations in the country. Each of these locations could offer a unique set of features and benefits.

Interestingly we also have resorts near religious sites – some of these resorts could have a tie-up with these religious centers to help you with information, assistance, and other inputs that you could be looking for during your visit.

Beach and seaside locations is another category on our list – resorts in Goa, or Kerala are two examples. These resorts leverage the benefits of a beach location and offer a range of activities around it. These resorts could also offer holistic health, yoga, and ayurvedic treatment as part of their services.

We also have resorts near hill stations. Munnar, or Coorg for example. These resorts give you the sights, sounds, and aromas of a hill station, with visits planned to spice and coffee plantations nearby. Other useful categories include mountain-side locations in the north, resorts near wildlife sanctuaries, and the ones around popular tourist locations.

Finally, we also have members who operate as exchange companies. RCI and Interval are examples of members who provide exchange options and other subscription benefits.

All member resorts can add value to your vacation week. They also work with local businesses to encourage partnerships and offer jobs to local communities.


AIRDA is an independent industry-focused body dedicated to timeshare and vacation ownership in India. Our primary members are resort owners who benefit from AIRDA’s constructive sharing of ideas and strategies on the running and promotion of vacation ownership and mixed-use platforms. What underlines AIRDA’s role in the industry is our guideline on fair practices and a common Code of Conduct applicable to all members. With a balanced end-customer focus we also provide news, information, and industry updates through our website, blog, and social media feeds. AIRDA also represents the industry within government circles - on policy issues that could benefit resort owners, nearby communities, and end-customers. Essentially, we hold a mirror at decision-making levels to help visualize an organized sector in India’s timeshare and vacation ownership space.

A listing of AIRDA members on our website.

Image credits: Images sourced from AIRDA member resort websites. (Image001- Neonz+Club * Image002 - Dream Leisure Club * Image003 - Sterling+Varca * Image004 - Rosetta By Ferns * Image005 - Ffort Holiday Klub * Image006 - Club Mahindra Corbett)

Content Disclaimer: The views expressed in our interviews and stories do not necessarily reflect the official policies, practices and guidelines of the All India Resort Development Association, or its members. These views are based on personal experiences, private opinion, or open source information. (Images used here are either "paid-for" stock photos, images shared by the people we interview, or images under one of the open source licenses such as Creative Commons and others.)

Here’s a link to some recent interviews done by us on the AIRDA website

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Benefits for Resort Owners

What does an AIRDA membership mean to resort owners and developers? AIRDA comes in as your industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst - with a wide portfolio of support services.

Benefits for Consumers

What does AIRDA mean to holiday seekers and prospective customers? AIRDA comes in to provide information and offer guidelines on making the right timeshare decisions.

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