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October 2023

Airda Member Story

Eco-friendly initiatives at Neonz Resort & Club

Suresh S. Patel is the Chairman & Managing Director of Charotar Resort Private Limited in Gujarat. He has an MBA in Finance from the University of Houston, and an MS in Engineering from Kansas State University, from where he also graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering. His early education was at Gujarat University, where he graduated with a BSc in Chemistry.


Operating from his Houston (Texas) office, and his home base at Neonz Resort, Suresh Patel oversees the management and supervision of the group's businesses, projects, and CSR initiatives.

Suresh sees his projects in India going beyond commercial focus points, where community support gets the benefit of planned project implementation and follow-through. Take for example his concern to provide easy access in the areas of health and recreation: this is aimed at a fast-growing younger generation in Charotar.

Another personal mission was to promote growth in nearby rural areas and create jobs for young job seekers. To achieve this, he is setting up training facilities in the areas of skill building and development.

In this interview, he talks about his team at Neonz Resort taking small steps towards being eco-friendly at the resort, and their efforts at meeting CSR commitments outlined for the year.

Here’s our first question to Suresh – in connection with eco-friendly initiatives at the project location.

Suresh, how are you working towards an eco-friendly landscape at your resort?

I have good news related to that question because I have just had a meeting with my team members who have given me a fairly detailed update – and there is a lot happening in that space at our resort. I would prefer to share highlights here because their report is detailed and goes into multiple pages.

Water management and conservation. We have built 15 rain-water-recharging borewells at strategic locations to ensure that water flow is being guided to points where it can recharge natural reserves – a good example of water harvesting. And here’s how we manage water usage towards water conservation. Measure 01- Our garden supervision team tells me that the watering of plants is done in the morning and evening and not during the day when there could be higher levels of evaporation. Measure 02 - We use water aerators to optimize reach and conservation. Measure 03 - We have installed dual-flush systems at the resort to further ensure water conservation. (The simple act of flushing wastes a lot of water. Especially when good water is used to flush out bad water.)

Effluent management and STP installations. We now have two sewage treatment plants (STP) at the resort with load-handling capacities of 125 KLD & 75 KLD. The byproducts from these installations are used in constructive ways. STP effluent water is used for irrigation and STP sludge is used as fertilizer - going a long way in ensuring a constructive recovery cycle.

Composting and waste management. At our resort we have a dedicated processing unit to convert food waste into fertilizer, thereby adding another dimension to locally generate fertilizer inputs. Food waste segregation and follow-through is a carefully planned process that virtually runs on its own with minimal supervision. Used cooking oil for instance is sent to GPCB-approved vendors for constructive recycling.

In addition to using food-grade containers at our kitchens and food stock supply areas, we have procured special-purpose bins for wet and dry waste. Additionally, we have found a reliable source of eco-friendly hand-woven bags – this goes a long way in minimizing the use of disposable plastics at the resort.

Lighting and energy management. We have switched to LED at all light source locations at the resort – both indoors and outdoors. As an extended measure, we have energy-saving blueprints in each of our guest rooms. We have also switched to the VRF platforms to further increase energy efficiencies.

Our refrigeration design plan now uses R-32 refrigerant gas which is both eco-friendly and has a lower rate of emission. Outdoors, at our resort, we now have battery-powered golf carts that are both energy-efficient and convenient. Another outdoor initiative is the installation of solar modules for our electric fences, and we have seen significant savings out here.

We have already contracted to construct a 1 MW Rooftop Solar Plant above our large parking area to meet 100% of the power needs of the entire resort property.

An overview of CSR initiatives from our project notebook

  • Renovation and rebuilding of a government taluka school near Sojitra.
  • Initiating a program to sponsor oxygen plants for local hospitals.
  • Setting up an internal team to work on community projects. Tree planting is one example.
  • Starting a fund to support needy children – towards fees and study materials.
  • Setting up internal committees to increase the scope of rural employment in the area.
  • Encouraging and supporting local talent – a lot of the furniture and paintings at the resort are the handiwork of local artists

In addition to the above activities, we are also working on employee welfare initiatives. Our plan to build an integrated colony for employees is a good example of this, with all the basic amenities and facilities that they would need.

Updates from Suresh S. Patel on Charotar Resort

  • Charotar Resort has set up a not-for-profit organization called CHAROTAR UTKARSH FOUNDATION. This foundation currently has 21 support objectives linked to educational, humanitarian, and health-related projects. Towards achieving our objectives, significant financial support will be extended from the revenues at Charotar Resort.
  • Charotar Resort is now classified as a Platinum Rated Green Resort by the Indian Green Building Council.

Neonz Resort & Club

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