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September 2021

MHRIL – a sustainability story with a future,
for us and our guests

At MHRIL, sustainability and being eco-friendly go hand-in-hand against a backdrop of ecological initiatives - with a clear commitment to achieving higher standards in energy-efficiency.

MHRIL is India’s first hospitality company to join the ranks of global RE100 and EP100 initiatives. The RE100 initiative brings together inspired and influential business leaders that are committed to 100% renewable electricity - by 2050 at the latest. Organizations joining this initiative set public goals to source their electricity entirely from renewable sources, and commit to disclosing their data annually.

We have also pledged to join EP100 – an energy campaign that works with businesses to commit to doubling their energy productivity and maximize the output from each unit of energy used. One part of our EP100 pledge includes the Cooling Challenge, where we will monitor the efficiency of our air-conditioning systems and work toward implementing more efficient energy solutions. Under EP100, we are planning a shift entirely to electric vehicles by 2030 - for any internal transportation at our resorts.

We’re also committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by implementing practices and technology that do not release any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In 2016, we gave ourselves an ambitious 15-year calendar to reduce our Green House Gas emissions by at least 80% per room.

So What Changes Can You Expect at Club Mahindra Resorts?

Every time guests flip a switch, lounge around the cool confines of our resorts or take a cart to play a round of golf, they are not contributing to the global energy crisis – they are part of the solution. Our promises and pledges have already taken root at many of our resorts, where you can see clean and green technologies in action

  • Solar Energy: Presently, 7 of our resorts function entirely on solar power. They harness the power of the sun to make your vacation comfortable and fun. The resorts are Tunghi, Kanha, Kumbhalgarh, Jaisalmer, Puducherry, Udaipur and Hatgad. Club Mahindra Kanha is actually India’s first 100% solar powered resort.

  • Electric Vehicles: At Varca and Tungi, we run all our internal and external movements using electric mobility. At Cherai, Poovar, Ashtamudi and Jaisalmer, all internal movements have the facility of electric vehicles.

  • Zero Waste to Landfill: While we are working to make our inputs ecologically sustainable, we cannot ignore the output of waste generated. Our goal is to divert this waste away from dump yards - because a large part of greenhouse emissions that cause global warming are a result of methane rising from decomposing biowaste at landfills. To that end, our resort in Virajpet is now India’s first Zero Waste to Landfill resort, with a 99.32% waste diversion.

  • Water: Currently 6 Club Mahindra resorts do not purchase water from any external source but are entirely self-reliant for their water requirements. These include Corbett, Gir, Kanha, Naukuchiatal, Madikeri and Virajpet. 20 Club Mahindra resorts also have Rainwater Harvesting installations in place.

  • Organic Gardens: We believe fresh produce with high nutrient value is what our guests deserve during their stay with us. With that in mind, we have set up organic gardens at our resorts in Munnar, Kanha, Corbett, Poovar, Manali, Cherai, Dharamshala, Kandaghat, Thekkady and Mahabaleshwar. This ensures the shortest distance between organic gardens to our kitchens to ensure total freshness.

  • Conservation: As part of our commitment to staying ecologically and environmentally conscious, we’ve also conducted 2 biodiversity assessments at Virajpet and Madikeri to determine key areas of conservation. This ensures that our resorts and the surrounding areas are mapped and monitored – with the objective of saving life forms in the region and protecting natural ecosystems.

Our commitment to sustainability has been recognized and awarded by several organizations and governments. But at the end of the day, the fact that we've had a positive impact on the community we serve is a huge reward in itself.

Seeing how travel and leisure are the last things on everyone’s minds with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is our hope that all our guests and partners play safe and follow recommended guidelines. Sustainability is a way of life and you can be sustainable at home and in your community, not just while you're on vacation.

About Mahindra Holidays

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL), India’s leading player in the leisure hospitality industry, offers quality family holidays as also stated by Club Mahindra Resort Reviews, primarily through vacation ownership memberships. While Club Mahindra is the flagship brand offering Club Mahindra Membership the other brands offered by the company are – Club Mahindra Resorts Fundays and Svaastha Spa. As on Mar 31, 2019, MHRIL has 61+ resorts across India and abroad and its subsidiary, Holiday Club Resorts Oy, Finland, a leading vacation ownership company in Europe has 33 resorts across Finland, Sweden and Spain.

Storyline images linked to resorts where initiatives listed in this feature have been implemented. These have been sourced from Club Mahindra websites.

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