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Q&A: Talking to a 13-year-old on timeshare holidays

June 2012

This interview is a transcribed version of an interview done by our edit team with 13-year-old Sharan from Bangalore. Someone who thinks the holiday season is the most exacting part on his wall calendar. We took down notes as he chatted with us and put this interview together.

Over to Sharan’s notes and holiday jottings

  • Till my uncle explained the concept to me, I had not heard about timeshare or what it meant. I still don’t understand it the way he does, but never mind - we end up having a great time anyway. My uncle is a member at a timeshare resort and our entire family joins him every year for what I call the Big Fat Greek Holiday at his resort.

  • This year we went to another holiday location. My uncle said he exchanged his plan and it was nice to go someplace new and different. We too thought it was a good idea to explore different holiday places, see new things and try out something new and exciting.

  • One of the things I find annoying at holidays is that we really get treated like kids. Meaning, the only things we can amuse ourselves are board games and more board games . From what I can see, adults also want us to get out of the way. I really wish there was someone like an organizer who could entertain us and give us things to do. Even the event person back home does a great job at birthday parties.

  • So we usually invent our own games around the resort. What we really like is the free open space and the freedom to run around, climb trees and pretend we are playing out an adventure story. At home, we really wake up late during holidays; at the resort we are up at 5.30 – listening to the birds chirping outside our window.

  • Food is the best part of the story at a holiday resort. And I must confess that we are not treated like children when it comes to food. We get treated like adults at buffets without people monitoring what we do. And I really look forward to the unlimited helpings of ice creams and desserts. This year for instance, there was something new every day, unlike home. (Sorry Mom!)

  • When our entire family goes on a holiday, we kids usually have to manage with extra mattresses ordered. Though these are placed on the floor, we have a great time with all the kids sleeping together. We stay up late playing card games and dumb charades, without worrying about the time tables we have to follow at home.

  • My elder brother, I guess enjoyed himself the most, going on treks and river rafting. I think he really got to do everything he wanted to do. I’m just waiting to be as old as him. On this holiday, he taught the younger kids how to swim and that was great fun – splashing around the beautiful blue pool at the resort.

  • Dad took it a bit easy this holiday – preferred to swim, lounge around by the poolside, sleep and read. Looks like he really wanted to unwind at his own pace. He did look peaceful and relaxed – unlike the way we see him every day at home – always on the laptop, talking on his mobile, or rushing off to catch a flight.

  • This year mummy brought her recipe notebook along and had long discussions with the chefs at the resort – I think she took down a whole lot of recipes. Which means good news, because she will try and cook the same kind of food at home. Another thing, this year mummy did not do any cooking at our cottage – so I think this was some kind of break for her as well.

  • Granddad was also happy to play a little golf at the mini golf course at the resort. My grand mother was happy watching him play with a really admiring look on her face. On a personal note, I actually got the opportunity to go on a large nature walk with my grandfather – something that has never really happened back home. The roads around home are either too noisy or heavy on traffic pollutants.

  • The daily campfire was easily the highlight of the day - something that we really enjoyed. It was great fun dancing around the huge fireplace, singing songs and playing games. The barbeque grill nearby was another big attraction for us, with a never-ending supply of kababs.
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