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Q&A: Talking to timeshare customer, Ravi Reddy

November 2010

Ravi Reddy is the Founder Director of Living Green Projects Private Limited. Living Green specializes in medium-to-large landscaping projects at corporate offices, resorts, farmhouses, upmarket residences and public spaces.

Ravi travels a great deal on work and leisure and has just picked up a timeshare plan from Mahindra Holidays. We talk to him about timeshare and what really appealed to him in terms of benefits and features.

Q: When did you pick up your timeshare plan?

A: I picked it up in November, last year. My children are growing up and just about old enough to enjoy planned holidays. Moreover, looking at timeshare pricing over the years, I realized that the cost of entry would only go up. For me this was a good time to go timeshare.

Q: Did you get a marketing call, or did you do some homework?

A: A friend of mine was already a member of Mahindra and he sort of introduced me to the sales team. Basically, I made the first move and called them over for a presentation. I must say that there was no hard sell and the team explained all the features and cleared my doubts.

Q: What was the clincher, how did you decide?

A: I’m at that age where I can really benefit from the mileage timeshare can offer - for me, the 25 year plan was the clincher. The RCI affiliation of course, was a big plus and I got a whole bag of sign-up goodies in terms of gifts and benefits.

Q: What holidays did you do before timeshare?

A: I have often clubbed my overseas business trips with a vacation plan, and my wife usually comes along with me. The Malaysia / Thailand belt is our favourite destination. In India, we practically close our eyes and pinpoint a holiday location just about anywhere - but Goa is a favourite.

Q: What are the five things you like about timeshare?

A: One, you actually get to plan your holiday well in advance. Two, timeshare gives you long-term benefits. Three, I can holiday more often. Four, I only pay for travel and food. Five, I get to explore other resorts on the RCI network.

Q: If you can’t use your holiday week, what will you do?

A: I’ve been told that I can accumulate my weeks for three years, which is not a bad idea at all. I might also decide to gift my week to my parents, or friends in my circle.

Q: Have you planned your next holiday?

A: Yes, we’ve planned a holiday in Singapore with the family and I’m really looking forward to discovering the world of timeshare. It’s almost like I have the world in my pocket.

Q: Have you heard of AIRDA?

A: I didn’t really know about AIRDA till this interview. Maybe resort owners should have a slide about AIRDA in their presentation. From what I now know, I think AIRDA is an excellent platform for the promotion of vacation ownership and timeshare. Sometimes you need an independent body to represent you in the industry and help promote the cause.

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