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Q&A: Talking to Madhukar Katragadda of the Majors Group

January 2011

The Majors Group is a diversified, services oriented group of companies specializing in Vacation Ownership and Lifestyle services. The founder and chief mentor of the Group is Madhukar Katragadda, whose prime focus point in life is "work that adds quality to life and the environment."

Madhukar, a visionary and philosopher, is raised with the belief that humans perish but organizations live forever. Through the Majors Group, he aims to create and nurture organizations that seek perpetuity.

In this interview, we talk to Madhukar about the services his group offers and its focus areas in the industry.

Q: How do you assist and support existing owners of timeshare resorts?

A: Our scope of services for existing resort owners is broad-based and covers many useful operational inputs. Right from audits of current operations, improving and upgrading processes and systems, staffing and training, to bringing in methods to assess and improve member servicing. Our scope also covers assistance in improving marketing and sales efficiencies - as an extension we can also help set up a timeshare resale functionality. Our offerings also include planning for expansion into newer geographies.

Q: How do you support new entrants looking for navigation assistance?

A:There's a lot we can do for new entrants looking for assistance in project navigation - especially if they are new to the travel and hospitality business.

Here's where we offer inputs such as product research, market analysis, project feasibility reports and business development plans. What's invaluable here is our assistance in formulating plans, processes, staffing and training - inputs that start at square one. We also help design timeshare products that match the profiles of target customers. Our offerings here include providing regular industry briefs and updates on the Vacation Ownership industry.

Q:How evolved is the timeshare industry in India?

A: Currently, there are just four lakh people in what you can call a customer base for the industry. Though this seems small, it is a good start - because Indians travelling inside the country and across the world are exposed to the attractions of holidaying and vacation ownership. These are the kind of prospects that will help us grow the size of the industry and alter its dynamics.

Q: What do the next few years have in store for the industry?

A: We see great potential on the horizon as many local hospitality brands will enter the market. There will also be a spurt in terms of competition and on-site sales. Though new products will be introduced, the market needs to be segmented - based on ground realities and actual offerings. Looking at the big picture, we also see the possibility of international brands entering the market.

Q: What do you think of AIRDA's role in timeshare and vacation ownership?

A: AIRDA's contribution to the vacation ownership industry is really commendable. The organization has been instrumental in obtaining government recognition in various quarters - making a difference in the way the industry is being perceived.

AIRDA also plays the role of a conscience keeper for the industry and brings in an element of fair practice in operations and service delivery. It is a committed neutral body that works for both the consumer and the resort owner - which is a constructive platform to operate under.

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