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Q&A: Talking to Krishna Rajan - senior IT professional and holiday enthusiast

November 2012

Krishna is an IT professional with over 28 years of experience - 17 years specifically in Testing and has led large offshore delivery projects from India for financial institutions and banks. Krishna joined Barclays in 2006 as a founder member of Barclays Technology Centre, India (BTCI) and was instrumental in setting up the Global Testing Services Team (GTS) in the country. He is currently, the Head of Testing for GTS, and is responsible for building and maturing the Testing Centers of Excellence that provide testing utility services to GRB Technology.

We talk to Krishna about his take on timeshare and how he has managed to get the most out of his holiday plans.

Q: What timeshare holiday locations have you been to?

A: Our first timeshare holiday was at Kodaikannal. According to me, Kodi still ranks among my top three locations for getaway holidays. It is also useful to be linked to a timeshare plan here that can take you back, year after year after year. At this point, I must add that Goa too ranks among my top three locations. In addition to Kodaikanal and Goa, the family has been to Munnar, Binsar, Corbett, Coorg and Lonavla.

Q: W hat are the plus points of a timeshare membership?

A: Most people don’t realize this, but a timeshare holiday actually gives you close to 5-star accommodation and comforts – and this is something you really have to keep in mind when you’re looking at overall benefits. The second benefit is in the wide-ranging entertainment options – most hotels don’t give you the spread of activities that you would find at a timeshare resort, for the whole family. From little children, to grandparents who also want to take a break with the family.


Q: Is there any other benefit that comes to mind?

A: Since most timeshare properties are situated a little out of towns and cities, it is peaceful and less polluted. Another benefit that comes to mind is the time span of your vacation plan, which can stretch across 25 years or so. At the rate most prices are rising I can see that the mere thought of paying for a holiday – even five years from now – can be frightening. So if you’re looking for a long-term vacation-proof plan, timeshare is the best answer. Believe me.

Q: What about the customer service, what’s your view?

A: My experience here has been more than satisfactory, in most departments that can touch the customer at a resort - right from front desk, customer assistance, to housekeeping. I have also noticed that they are very well trained, which means someone, somewhere is concerned about elevating standards.

Q: Do you have any suggestions that you want to share?

A: For timeshare resort owners: Please offer some kind of preference and confirmation to people who waitlist themselves. I would also advise owners to actually become members of other resorts, to evaluate where they stand and where they could improve. To stay at another resort as a customer would be an excellent learning experience.

For timeshare customers: Don’t be too critical on the quality of service or the nature of facilities – timeshare, like any other industry has its ups and downs. The industry now is in its up stage and needs your support to evolve in more ways than one. Though this does not mean you restrain yourself on constructive feedback; your feedback could go a long way in adding value to a resorts offerings. It could correct current practices and redefine how things are done. Being constructive helps – being over-critical may not be helpful.

Q: Thought we would use this opportunity to talk to you about AIRDA : )

This overview is for customers and prospects who may not know about AIRDA’s role in helping promote organized timeshare in India.

The All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA) is a self-regulated, independent advisory dedicated to the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. AIRDA’s primary members are resort owners, who benefit from AIRDA’s constructive sharing of ideas and strategies on the running and promotion of timeshare. AIRDA works closely with members to cut a clean image in the industry and offer fair value to end customers. AIRDA also represents the industry and lobbies with the government on policy issues that could have a bearing on timeshare and vacation ownership in the country.

AIRDA has a balanced end-customer focus and provides updated information on the official website. This covers the timeshare marketplace, advice on making informed choices on vacation ownership and assistance on complaint redressal, if any.

AIRDA is an affiliated member of the American Resort Developers Association.

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