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Q&A: Talking to Hitesh Kshatriya, CEO at Panoramic Universal Limited

January 2013

This time, we talk to Hitesh Kshatriya who is the Chief Operating Officer at Panoramic Universal Limited. The Panoramic Group of Companies is a diversified multinational conglomerate engaged in the businesses of hospitality, travel & tourism, herbal products and information technology. The Group has a strong presence in related markets across India, USA, New Zealand and the UK.

According to Hitesh Kshatriya, honesty, hard work and intelligent handling of opportunities are the core business drivers of the Group. We talk to Hitesh about Panoramic and what makes it such an exciting option on the country’s timeshare map.

Q: As our first question, how did the Group move into timeshare?

A: Panoramic Holidays is the timeshare brand from the Panoramic Group – which is seen as a hospitality innovator worldwide. To answer your question, I see timeshare as a natural extension of the hospitality business that we have made large investments in – in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

How did we move into timeshare? Simple - we have the properties, we have hospitality experience and we have a strategy in mind to take things forward. In the years to come, timeshare will play a pivotal role in the group’s operations and I want Panoramic to be a formidable player in the industry.

Q: How does Panoramic bring in a differential in a competitive marketplace?

A: I agree, the timeshare marketplace is highly competitive and you need a lot more than just ideas to make a difference. For us at Panoramic, the differential starts with our ownership of picturesque properties in India, and strategically, across the world.

I’m also talking about aspirational markets such as the US on the one hand, and locations such as New Zealand, known for its picturesque beauty and charm. To extend the customer experience, worldwide we have tie-ups with the leading timeshare brands at key holiday locations.

At Panoramic Holidays, we create an experience that begins with the warmest hospitality, and ends in what I call “oh-so-memorable holidays”.

Q: Have you launched something different or unique in the timeshare space?

A: We launched a unique timeshare product recently called Magic Getaways. Through the Magic Getaway platform, we aim to present something beyond the ordinary – an experience where our member families take back memories that are pure magic. It’s also about offering endless holidays with the colors of nature, wide open spaces and incredible cultural moments that you can step back and admire. Magic Getaways offers memorable family holidays of 7 days every year – up to 25 years. This is an inflation-proof product that allows you to split your holiday into smaller convenient units.

Q: What kind of impact are you making in the international market?

A: Today, the Panoramic Group is enlarging its footprint in the international hospitality market by acquiring profit-making hotels, in a planned and sustained manner. Deeply rooted in Indian values, we strive to become an Indian multinational. Our success is result of our total commitment towards exceptional standards of performance, productivity, teamwork, and a willingness to innovate and learn continuously.

Q: How does the people factor in your business add value?

A: Our people are highly motivated and committed because of the highly constructive work environments that we provide them – with the space to learn and grow. This apart we have the right people in the right jobs, with industry experience that helps them perform optimally.

The expansion of our hospitality businesses has been conducted without compromising on our values and principles. Simplicity, speed, respect for the individual and a commitment to lawful and ethical practices form the core of our values. Honesty, hard work and intelligence are the three principles that spur us on at the workplace and meet the smallest desires and wishes of our customers.

Q: What are your comments on being part of AIRDA’s member network?

A: I am happy and proud that Panoramic is a member of AIRDA – giving us an identity associated with the best players in India’s timeshare industry. We are also appreciative of the role played by AIRDA in a larger context, by representing the industry in policy and decision making circles.

Like I said earlier, timeshare will soon be a key business driver in the Group and together with other AIRDA members we hope to widen India’s tourism canvas in a small but meaningful way.

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