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Q&A: Talking to C. Anand Reddy, Managing Director of Aswani Properties

May 2015
Anand Reddy is the Managing Director of Aswani Properties – a company that meets the “first home” needs of young professionals in Bangalore’s IT hubs. He is an expert in fleet logistics and has also managed a company that delivered local travel solutions during the early part of the IT boom. According to Anand, logistics is probably the most critical enabler for any business - whether you’re managing a complex travel fleet, or delivering pizza. Logistics connects the dots on a company’s capability and resources to optimize its reach in delivering a service or solution.

Anand Reddy is the first timeshare user we have featured in our Q&A columns who is on the customer list of not one, but two timeshare companies in India. We chat with him about work pressures, busy schedules, and taking a break at least once in a year, with the family.

Q: As a logical first question, how did you see the need for two timeshare plans?

A: Initially, I did not see myself picking up more than one timeshare plan – things just happened. My first timeshare plan was with Mahindra, and the second was an impulse decision when I went along with some friends on a holiday to a Sterling property in Puri, Orissa. I liked the setting there so much that I just said YES to a sales team at the resort that invited me to a presentation. Looking back, I think it was not really a bad decision – this way we have the best of both worlds, as these names are industry leaders and have some great properties in India.

Q: What properties have you been to, on our timeshare network?

A: I’ve been to Goa, Yercaud, Munnar, Thekkady and Corbett, but I must say I haven’t really explored the entire spectrum of timeshare resort locations in India. Sometimes, when you have too much of a choice, you just can’t make up your mind. You see, I also have the extended network that RCI gives me which makes it a big wide world to look at.

My family likes visiting the resorts down South, so we’ve been to Coorg and Thekkady a lot of times. Also simpler to get there, because we can load the car and drive down.  Outside the country, we’ve been to Genting Highlands in Malaysia – often described as the ‘Fun City Above the Clouds’.

Q: What are your takeaways on the quality of food and service at timeshare resorts?

A: I don’t how complete my answer will be to that question, because I have only been to resorts linked to Mahindra Holidays and Sterling Holidays. And these two organizations are right on top as industry leaders in India’s timeshare segment. Both these companies in a sense outdo each other in terms of the kind of customer experience they can offer – right across food, attention to detail on customer satisfaction and service that comes to you with a smile. If you look at opportunities to please the customer at a resort, you could come up with a million ways to do it and still find room to improve.

Q: How do you manage to take time off from work to go on a vacation?

A: Now that’s one question even I find difficult to answer, and every year it’s one mad rush at the last minute to make it to the location on the dates we have confirmations for. The good thing about annual vacations is that the planning is done in an organized manner and well in advance. The not so good thing is the suspense that goes with it, in terms of actually managing to take time off and make our trips.

We couldn’t go last year, so I shared my holiday week with a good friend. This year too seems a little suspect, but comes with an indemnity clause from the family – so I just might have to drop everything and go on that vacation. This time I’ve promised the family a good holiday out of the country through the RCI network – and now I really have to work hard to make me feel I really deserve it.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to resort owning companies that you are linked to?

Come to think of it, I don’t have a list of suggestions to offer – but it would help if there’s some way to make the booking process simpler. My kids are still in school, and can time off only during school vacation – and that’s the rush hour when it comes to booking calendars. I know this is everyone’s bug bear, but something that I always wish there was a solution to.

Q: Any last thoughts, or comments?

If you’re asking me about a third timeshare plan from one of your member resorts (ha ha) it’s going to be tricky, though my kids will love the idea. But I might just explore other resort locations through a network of friends who are also into timeshare.

Video shared using embed code from YouTube.com. Courtesy Mark Chern.

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