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Q&A: Talking to Vinayak Tamse, of Tamse Associates

June 2015
Vinayak Tamse heads an independent architectural firm called Tamse Associates which concentrates on single-unit housing, group housing, home interiors, corporate interiors and hospitality projects. He is also a senior consultant for Aswani Properties, where he leads design, architecture, construction and project roll-outs. Vinayak’s current obsession is in small format housing, and his 545 sft template is indeed a whole new perspective. “Small is Beautiful”.

Vinayak has just been invited to a timeshare presentation and does not know what’s in store for him. We listen to his concerns and reassure him with information that can help clear doubts and grey areas. So here’s Vinayak Tamse talking to us about his first sales presentation by a timeshare company.

Q: What normally happens during a sales presentation?

A: Here’s our response to people like Vinayak, who are not too clear about what happens at a sales presentation – especially when you’re talking to any resort in the AIRDA network.

To start things off, the sales team makes you feel at home without any sales pressure. The team is also eager to clear all doubts and find out what you’re really interested in. In terms of information sharing, you get to see a very useful presentation on the company, its resorts, properties and facilities. You also get to know about the various options you can choose from in terms of packages and payment plans.

There is invariably a Q&A session where all questions are answered in great detail, also ensuring that you understand what you can expect, year after year through a membership, and what you as a customer must do, to keep your membership valid and alive, by making timely payment of subscriptions and charges.

The sales team will also provide an overview of AIRDA’s Code of Ethics - a common guideline for all AIRDA resort members.

Q: Do I have the flexibility and opportunity to change my mind?

A: This question in Vinayak’s mind is valid and something most prospective customers ask us when they are in the process of making up their minds.

Here’s our response on an issue that can make a big difference in terms of peace of mind and reassurance. After a purchase has been made, AIRDA recommends a cooling-off period of 10 clear working days, during which customers have the option to roll back and make void ab initio, any sales agreement entered into.

If the agreement is revoked by the buyer, the seller is committed to refund all payments made and return share certificates, title deeds or other documents handed over during signing up of sales agreement. As an extension of this, developers / marketers offering resale weeks must extend the benefits of a cooling off period to new purchasers (under COE guidelines).

Q: I also need some clarity on the packages offered by exchange companies

A: At AIRDA, we advise and ensure total transparency on exchange programs – covering information on methods, terms, conditions and fees applicable. During your sales presentation, the sales team will explain all terms and conditions on exchange programs offered. And this is done before the contract is signed, or the commencement of the cooling off period. (With applicable terms clearly disclosed in the prospectus.)

Q: Is there a rental clause in the agreement I am going to sign?

A: You will find a rental clause in the agreement, if you’re dealing with a resort in the AIRDA network. The rental clause will clearly explain modalities and payment structure to customers - clearly highlighting developer charges, or rental payment, where the developer offers to rent out calendar weeks on behalf of members.

Another stipulation in the COE is the accurate description of terms and conditions relating to the reservation / assignment / accommodation – helping retain clarity and avoiding ambiguity in the minds of purchasers.

Notes: We would advise Vinayak Tamse to go ahead and attend the sales presentation with any AIRDA member resort – you’re in good hands. Do not hesitate to find out more, or ask questions – because it is useful to clarify all doubts before you sign on the dotted line.

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