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Talking to Rajeev Sanwariya, a senior marketing professional from the timeshare industry

August 2014

Rajeev Sanwariya is an experienced Sales & Marketing professional from the hospitality industry. His experience spans Onsite Sales, Direct Sales and Venue Sales addressing B2B and B2C markets. Interestingly, he has been in the timeshare space for around 15 years – having worked for The Resort Country Club, Mahindra Holidays and Sterling Holidays.

This Q&A session is about a very useful platform that Rajeev has created on facebook - to bring together all professionals in the timeshare industry. We now chat with Rajeev on the objectives behind setting up this group and how it might help the timeshare community.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of a “Timeshare Professionals Group”?

A: I always wanted to start a group, where people could network and eventually interact on the same page, based on common interests. A sharing group like this is what the timeshare industry needs – helping professionals share opportunities, industry updates, and offer feedback on queries posted.

Q: Do you think a coming together of timeshare professionals will be useful?

A: I certainly think so, because timeshare is a still difficult product sell when it comes to initial payouts and the annual payments necessary to retain a membership. From an operations and customer delight point of view, there’s so much to do, so much to share and so much to learn. While research is the most organized way to get your information, few organizations actually function as a listening post among employees.  Especially at points of confluence, where people can stop by to take time off, share experiences and provide feedback.

Q: In your opinion, what are the advantages of such a community on facebook?

A: The internet gives you many ways of networking, but facebook is probably the most popular watering hole on the web. Facebook also offers excellent search functionality - there’s a very high chance that we will show up whenever people search for groups linked to timeshare. From my point of view, this group will do several things. One: It will attract people working in the timeshare industry. Two: It will provide a neutral platform for the exchange of information, ideas and opportunities. Three: It will  encourage people to post updates on jobs and consultancy openings. Eventually a lot more will happen out here.

Q: What is the current member composition of the group?

A: Currently our members are from Sales, Member Relations, Operations, Finance, Back-end Services, Resort Services, Marketing & Sales and Field Collection - essentially junior to middle management, but I’m hoping to attract senior professionals from the industry. And that will happen in due course - when the group gains a larger, more visible profile, with content that is relevant at these levels.

Q: Will resort owners make a difference to group composition?

That would be nice – really nice. Timeshare resorts are the best ambassadors for our industry – and if the larger players join, it might encourage other resorts to be part of this forum. There are clear benefits out here – even for HR managers who can interact with group members on salaries, hiring policies, benefits and other issues.

Q: Would you also invite professionals from the exchange companies?

That would be extremely useful, because exchange companies are part of the total picture. They add a whole new dimension in terms of wider reach and access of the global hospitality pie. I certainly need to work on this, by maybe using other social media tools to spread the word and make this group more visible at a wider, more professional level.

Here’s the Content Team at AIRDA, wishing Rajeev, many more members
and a lot of constructive information sharing on the Timeshare Professionals Group.

You can check it out here.

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