"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
- Paul Theroux

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Q&A PITSTOP: A quick guide to being part of our Q&A sessions on the AIRDA website

September 2014

The Q&A section on the AIRDA website is over five years old. We’ve had sessions with CEOs, business heads, independent consultants and other professionals who are connected with the timeshare industry in some way. We have also talked to customers from different age groups – our oldest is 87 years old and still looking forward to her next holiday. Our youngest was 13 when we spoke to him three years ago – at 16, he’s considering rapid-river-rafting on his next holiday.

This month’s pitstop is about inviting people like you for instance. Especially if you have an observation to make, a story to share, or constructive feedback to offer. We’re also looking forward to conversations with professionals and stakeholders in the industry.

Here’s a quick guide on what we have in mind on conversations and inputs

Professionals in the timeshare industry
Talk to us about your experience in the timeshare industry. Share industry updates, vantage perspectives, rewinds, projections, challenges – anything that can inform and educate our readers. We could talk about views from the top, new product ideas, emerging geographies, and interesting ways to connect with the customer.

We generally encourage professionals from the industry to look at their responses from three points of view - “yesterday, today and tomorrow”. Basically to retrace the early years of timeshare, take stock of the current situation, and look at the crystal ball to visualize where the industry is heading.

Professionals outside the timeshare industry
What does timeshare look like from the outside, especially for professionals working in regular hotels? Do you perceive timeshare as competition? Do you see it as useful in a larger context - bringing in tourists and additional revenue into the tourism pie? Do you think people from a regular hotel can look forward to careers in timeshare? Do you have any feedback to share?

Independent professionals linked to the timeshare industry
What services do you offer ? How long have you been working with the timeshare industry? What changes have you seen that give you positive indicators? What feedback can you offer resort owners on areas of concern? Do you think resorts under AIRDA’s banner have a level playing field? Do you think customers are now getting a fair deal on product experience, service quality and long-term commitment?

End customers in India and global visitors from exchange networks
Our interviews with end-customers and prospects are done from what we call the “listening post”. We look forward to conversations on the timeshare concept, your favourite resorts, cuisines, activities and moments you want to treasure for life. We’re also interested in feedback on matters of concern, areas for improvement, grey areas on maintenance charges, and other fees that may be applicable from time to time.

From overseas visitors, we’re interested in hearing about the India experience. Talk to us about service quality at resorts, facilities offered, levels of customer engagement and individual takeaways that give us an interesting picture on your holiday experience. Yes, do send your holiday snapshots as well.

How we handle conversations and interviews
Our interviews are normally done through a simple exchange of emails. We send you a brief list of questions for the interview, and you enter your responses within that format. What we then do is edit your responses – for length, readability and completeness. The final version is always sent to you, before we feature it on our website.

Here’s a link to our Q&A section which contains interviews done with professionals, stakeholders and customers, over the last four years and more.

If you have something to share, do write in to us at info@airda.org. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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