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October 2019

The importance of the Sales Disclosure Document during a customer presentation


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Today’s timeshare customer is looking for a lot more than a vacation. He’s looking for new generation activities and experiences. And resort owners do take a lot of trouble to understand this new profile and identify with his needs. AIRDA member resorts go the extra mile - to also make things ethical, transparent and customer friendly.

This article can be a useful frame of reference during the sales presentation that all new and prospective customers are invited to. This is where you get an opportunity to ask questions and seek assistance in choosing the right kind of vacation ownership package.

At the end of the presentation we advise you to ask the sales team to show you a very important document – the Sales Disclosure Document. This document helps you understand the roles and responsibilities of resort owners, and what you need to do to keep your membership valid during the contract period.

Here’s what it means when a buyer / new customer signs on the dotted line

It means that he has read the sales agreement and has clearly understood . . .

. . . the holiday plan offered by the seller - including offer details and scheme implications for the vacation ownership contract period. (Especially the fine print related to membership terms and conditions.)

. . . the booking and usage guidelines under his chosen “one-week-per-year” for the duration of the vacation ownership contract period. (Including the subject-to-availability clause on shifts from ‘seasons’ owned.)

. . . membership rights and exclusions. Importantly, that he does NOT have any other rights linked to ownership - either legal or material vested in the membership.

. . . the costing and billing structure - including annual maintenance charges and exchange fees that may be applicable from time to time. (With notified enhancements that may be necessary over the years.)

. . . the methods and process of ‘exchange’ and the related additional costs involved - when the member seeks a vacation outside the network of the ‘home resort’

. . . the waiver benefit on utility fees by AIRDA member resorts for “exchanges” within the AIRDA network.

. . . the option new customers have to seek  a REFUND during the specified cooling-off period - in addition to other rules regarding refunds.

. . . the option members have to gift / rent / bequeath the unused portion of membership, to friends / relatives and others. (Upon payment of necessary transfer fees linked to terms and conditions as may be laid down.)

. . . AIRDA’s member Code of Ethics – which is usually part of the marketing documents shared by the seller within the AIRDA network.

Issued in the interest of new and prospective customers. And to make people aware that it is always safer to pick your timeshare plan within the member resort circle of AIRDA – the All Indian Resort Development Association.

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