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July 2019

Remembering Mr. B. S. Rathor

On the 30th of June, AIRDA lost one of its most inspired guiding lights. B.S. Rathor (fondly known as Anil) was a passionate campaigner for all that AIRDA stood for and meant, in India’s world of timeshare and vacation ownership.

For the team at AIRDA, he was our guide, mentor, sounding board, and yes, a friend you could shoot the breeze with – discussing ideas, content direction and the sensible way forward.

Anil was a key member of the think tank that laid the cornerstone for AIRDA, the organization. He also helped put in place the building blocks of a structure that was increasingly strong from within. Anil’s perspective here was visionary and his thinking was far-reaching. He also contributed a great deal to the defining aspects of what AIRDA set out to do in the industry and how it gained ground in terms of endeavor and achievement.

For the month of July, in our Message for the Month, we feature tributes and memories shared by the people Anil spent tireless days and countless hours with, to give AIRDA direction, purpose and a value proposition that was shared by resort members, stakeholders and other associates that joined its fold.

Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan

Vice Chairman, AIRDA and Chairman & Managing Director, Sterling Holiday Resorts Ltd.

It has been a rude shock to hear of Anil’s sudden demise. Personally, it has taken me a while to recover, as he was always there for all of us, in this Industry - taking us along with his patience, his dedication to keep things going and moving forward at AIRDA during all the difficult periods, his uncanny knack and ability to carry all of us and our different views and his ever smiling countenance.

If all of us are together, I would categorically and unequivocally say that it is because of Anil. I pray to God to give his family strength and for his soul to rest in peace. Om Shanti!

Major Madhukar Katragadda (Retd)

Honorary Secretary, AIRDA

We now miss a wonderful friend, philosopher and guide of AIRDA. I am sure we all will have different memories of Anil, but one thing we will never forget is the way he fathered and guided AIRDA over the last 15 plus years.

He had a way of finding a solution for every problem that AIRDA came across. And he taught us strong values, the importance of working together tightly as a team, and being tolerant towards one another.

"A great leader will deflect credit to his people. A bad leader will look to take the credit.” Anil was definitely in the former category. Let us pray that his wonderful soul rests in peace.

Mr. Jimmy P Shaw

Managing Director, The Waterfront Shaw, Lavasa

Mr. Rathor (Anil), who truly made AIRDA relevant and ensured that the timeshare industry in India remained credible. He will indeed be missed.

Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee

Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry  (CII)

Was indeed most sad to receive the news of my old and dear friend Anil. I came to know him well around 1998/99. He was indeed a very warm person and so charming. We had a few common friends in Madras and enjoyed each other’s company always. I would miss him.

Mr. Aashish Gupta

Consulting CEO, Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality (FAITH)

It is beyond comprehension that Anil is no more. Apart from being a man with a heart of gold, Anil, connected the timeshare resort industry to the mainstream tourism economy. His work will not go undone and FAITH will continue to advocate his thoughts on behalf of AIRDA as its cause partner.  

I am at a loss of any further words with the parting of a dear friend and a passionate tourism advocate. His from-the-heart smile and unbridled enthusiasm will be missed immensely

The complete BOD, Nakul and me offer silent prayers for his family.

Ms. Radhika Shastry

Food Entrepreneur, Café Diem - Coonoor

Anil is known to me for about 17 years now when he was brought in to head AIRDA - the association for the shared ownership industry. He was hugely committed to the causes that the stakeholders believed in, and worked towards highlighting the contribution that the industry made to the tourism sector and the challenges we were faced with.

The timeshare industry will sorely miss Anil and we all pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace.

Ms. Uma Pillai (IAS)

Former Secretary Ministry of Tourism.

I came to know Anil on a personal and professional level only in Bangalore when I got associated with AIRDA. He was all that people say about him, and a gentleman to his fingertips with all the casual elegance that he exuded so naturally. Kind, tolerant, non-judgmental, a successful & brilliant professional who loved and promoted the arts and was a harmoniously multi-dimensional human being.

My heartfelt sympathies are with AIRDA and with this group which was touched by his presence. Surely the world is the poorer . . .

Mr. Suresh Patel

CMD - Charotar Resort Private Limited

I am deeply saddened to learn about the demise of Mr. Rathor. He was a mild-mannered, polite and a helpful person. It is shocking news - AIRDA has suffered a great loss.

Mr. Ashok R Sankethi

Kaybase, Chennai

In my experience of 30 years in client servicing, I have realized that clients are of various types - but there are really very few about whom I have felt that they are absolute gentlemen. The unfailing courtesy, the genuine care about the safety and welfare of all associates, the respect for other people’s time, was second nature to him.

Let no one get the impression that he was just a very good man. He was also a very good professional, and a top manager in every sense of the word.  We will miss him…a lot.

Mr. D Ravikumar


Anil's loss is deeply and doubly saddening to me, as I lost my father the very same day. Anil was a father figure and my mentor. In the eight years that I served AIRDA under his stewardship, he coached me on professionalism, thoroughness and a strong work ethic. On the personal front, I learnt about the values of caring, compassion and faith. I miss him with all my heart. May his soul rest in eternal peace at the service of the Lord.

From RCI India’s Bangalore Office

We are extremely saddened to hear about the passing away of Anil. He was an ardent proponent of timeshare and made great contributions to the industry and helped it move forward in many ways. While he will be missed, the impact he made will live on. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

Santhosh Abraham


My last nine years at AIRDA were spent in close proximity to Mr B.S. Rathor - and there's a lot I learnt from him, every single day. My learnings included the finer aspects of the vacation ownership industry, and the role of a true professional in today's challenging world. His approach to anything was simple and uncomplicated, and he achieved what he wanted with great vision and clarity. He was truly a class apart.

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