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March 2018

Roles and responsibilities that we need to keep in mind, at AIRDA

At some of the trade conferences attended by us, we are often asked about the roles we play at AIRDA in India’s timeshare space. People also want to know about purpose, scope, reach and operating canvas – this is understandable, because the basic role played by AIRDA is not widely understood.

First of all, we are a self regulatory body. An association of like-minded resort owners and stakeholders with common goals, and a clearly defined approach to the customer. One of our core objectives is about being fair, transparent, and extending fair value to timeshare customers.

While offering fair value to customers is a primary focus area, there were other reasons that prompted the coming together of resort owners under a common umbrella. Resort owners also felt the need for a neutral body that could provide industry feedback and share investor pulse points.

That’s where AIRDA comes in, as an industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst – each of these roles is unique in its own way.

  •  AIRDA takes the lead role in defining service guidelines for resorts who want to align themselves towards creating an organized sector for the timeshare industry.
  • Newer resort members joining the fold get the opportunity to consider fair practice guidelines – largely going by the examples set by other experienced players within the network.
  • By functioning as a neutral body AIRDA assumes the role of a thought leader to inspire a whole new approach to growing the timeshare market and fast-evolving customer segments.  
  • By upholding ethical standards and fair-practice compliance, AIRDA helps establish a regulated marketplace – thereby safeguarding the interests of serious players.
  • Another key role played by us is strategic networking within government and influencer circles. This effort gives members a common voice that carries purpose and momentum – against a growing canvas that is strong and visible.
  • AIRDA also works at building strong alliances with national and international trade associations and bodies, with the objective of extending the timeshare map and giving it a global dimension.
  • We are also constantly looking at opening new channels of communication with our partner members, stakeholders and customers. This website is one good example of that - it enables community building, constructive feedback and offers a platform for interactions

Examples of typical member profiles and their expectations

  • Timeshare holiday promoters looking for a platform that helps them seek and share information on timeshare and vacation ownership – especially in terms of business drivers and market expansion.
  • Timeshare holiday promoters looking for a unified voice of strength when it comes to interactions with government bodies and industry departments – on issues that need representation and constructive followthrough.
  • Existing developers keen on redefining policies on timeshare and upgrading levels of customer experience. Inputs here could cover consumer protection policies and a common code of ethics.
  • New / prospective developers seeking entry level guidance and a possible road map to help navigate market entry and growth.
  • Current and prospective customers looking for:
    • Information on the timeshare marketplace
    • Advice on making informed choices on timeshare
    • Interesting vacation ownership options
    • Assistance on complaint redressal, if and when necessary

AIRDA plays another crucial role on behalf of the timeshare customer – to provide information and guidelines in making the right timeshare investments.

  • While AIRDA basically represents the developer community, it also keeps the end-customer’s need in mind – underlining its non-biased approach to industry growth.
  • By providing reference points of trustworthy profiles and industry overviews, it helps interested buyers make informed decisions.
  • By tracking new entrants and monitoring the competitive landscape, it identifies with the needs of small-to-large customers.
  • By playing the role of an unbiased ombudsman, it helps customers address complaints and grievances through a common platform for dialogues and interactions.

There you go - that’s a brief overview of what we do at AIRDA for resort owners, and customers. If you would like to know more about us, please spend a little more time on this website – in fact, you’re already here, at www.airda.org.


B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member - Executive Committee

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