"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
- Paul Theroux

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September 2017

Airda’s role in India’s exciting, evolving tourism industry

When you’re looking at timeshare or vacation ownership in India you will see a wave of positive indicators from the tourism industry that augur well for us - because we are part of the overall tourism pie.

We are part of it from two useful viewpoints. One, we widen the experience window for both local and international tourists in India. Two, we make a small, but significant contribution to generating tourist revenue every year. And the chain reaction helps and props up local industry, the transactions associated with it, and related small business enterprises that operate within the proximity store.

“Vacation ownership in India is clearly a front runner in the tourism (hospitality) industry. The vacation ownership in India has been growing at a CAGR of over 15% during the last five years. There is a visible increase in the number of timeshare owners; because holidayers are seeking new leisure options – an indication of rapidly changing lifestyles where holidaying has become a necessity. The timeshare industry in India is fairly new and is in its developmental and growth stage. Studies have revealed there are 80 timeshare companies having more than 180 resorts. Over 500000 families take to leisure travel every year in timeshare resorts in attractive destinations throughout the country. The scales are small but have a tremendous potential to grow in view of the fast changing demographic patterns in India. Timeshare is a great driver of domestic tourism and is less vulnerable to external disturbances – political, economic or geo-physical.”

What is clearly visible is the growing impact of an industry offering customized holiday options for discerning vacation seekers. These are people seeking more from that annual holiday – going beyond cookie cutter options such as pool, gym, themed restaurants, and service behind a smile.

Why it makes sense to be part of the organized sector

In India there is a growing presence of timeshare activity if you combine the organized and unorganized sectors. Over the years we have felt the need to steer this fledgling industry into an organized zone where there’s evidence of commitment, ethics, transparency and a process that delivers quality and customer value.

Airda is a good example of this, because our resort members have joined hands towards a common purpose and cause. They have actively pooled resources and come together for voluntary regulation of operations – which also includes a common code of ethics for member resorts and offering fair value to the customer.

We also have a larger purpose in mind addressing a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Right from government relations, customer relations, classification guidelines, education and training. Our participation has also been visible in public speaking platforms at national and international levels, and programmes such as Athithi Devo Bhava.

A common mission that brings all members to a common platform

Member profiles include big, medium and small, as well as resorts just off the starting blocks. A new soon-to-launch resort is just as welcome as an experienced player in the business. New resort members gain from working models of experienced players and learn best practices that have worked, or made a significant impact in the industry.

The end objective here is to tell individual customers that our share of the pie is self regulated to make things clear and transparent, to dispel myths about timeshare and share the benefits of time-sharing with members right through the year.

Things are indeed looking up in the timeshare industry

From my vantage point in the timeshare industry, I can see a very interesting crystal ball. Where we both attract and welcome younger, newer customer profiles. Where we try and reinvent the wheel to extend the experience - by offering more, offering different, offering true value.

The Airda canvas has the benefit of a well-defined regulatory format, transparency at every step and an industry focus that is supportive to both customers and the resort community.

And that’s a formula that can take you a long way.

B. S. Rathor

Advisor & Member - Executive Committee

The author acknowledges the assistance of WTTC, MOT, MEA, ARDA,AIRDA / KAYBASE reports for referenced textual and statistic data, without which this article would not be complete.

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