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- Paul Theroux

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December 2016

Come December, I usually have a special message for my readers. This is the last month in the year and a good time to do some introspection – always useful to look back and place the last twelve months under review.

Doing a review usually means asking yourself some tough questions, and the answers must be as honest as possible – you won’t be fair to yourself, otherwise.

Q: Did you work harder and longer than necessary during the year?

Today’s work environments are a virtual see-saw – there’s so much pressure to perform that your 9-to-5 stretches into the after-hours. And these days, it’s not just the long hours, it’s the intensity of work that you are faced with. A task you might want to finish by Friday often stretches into the weekend.

Now getting to the other side of the story. And this is when people at home wonder why you need to work so hard. Don’t other dads and moms come home early? Don’t they manage to keep stress levels within control? Don’t they manage to spend quality time with their families? Don’t they manage to take a vacation, or holiday with their families?

All good very good questions, and this is a good time to ask them.

Q: What happens when you get used to NOT taking a break?

When you get used to not taking a break, work tends to fill up all the blank spaces on your calendar, or diary. Even if you have 30 minutes of free time available, something quickly comes along to grab that space. But there’s a bigger evil – within your mind – your comfort zone at home, or at work.

You just don’t want to leave your comfort zone for the smallest detour. Even a weekend dash out of town is like a mission to Mars. It’s a clear case of mind over matter and the mind usually wins – because people like to get rooted to a situation or location.

Being rooted also means looking for reasons not to go on a vacation – and you might end up skipping that holiday that you have promised the kids.

Q: Do you like earning brownie points at office?

All the brownie points you earn at office aren’t valid at home - they just don’t add up. Quite simply because the family too deserves a fair share of the pie. If you’re the bread winner, your wife too puts in long hours of work at home. And don’t forget the children – they have their own pressures linked to school or college. So you’re not the only one who comes home after a hard day’s work.

Q: At the end of the day, where does that leave you?

Here’s my ring side view as I can see it. You’re over-worked at office, your wife puts in long hours at home, and your kids are doing their bit in terms of following their calendars. And talking about calendars, as a family you’re not on the same page. There’s too much happening in your little worlds that you can’t see the whole picture – take a closer look and you will see blanks, grey areas and red lights.

The red highlights are what I want you to focus on this December. I want you to find ways to turn the REDS into GREENS – and a good place to start is an intimate chat with the family around the table.

How do you turn on your GREEN lights?

  • Chat with the family about ways you can spend quality time together.
  • Talk to them about ways you can de-stress and lighten up as a family.
  • The key phrase here is spending quality time – for a few hours, over an entire evening, or over a weekend.
  • Talk to your family about longer breaks as well – longer than the weekends. I am talking about vacations together at your favorite resort location or holiday destination.

Take my advice on this and I am sure your family will respond positively - about every opportunity they can get to de-stress and have some fun. Right from evenings, weekends and timeouts together.

If you have a timeshare plan and you’re not using it, you need some introspection. If you don’t have timeshare, take a look at the link below to our members page. There’s a whole new world out there, with plenty of smiles and happiness.

After reading this, I sincerely hope you will start packing your bags.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member - Executive Committee


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