"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
- Paul Theroux

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August 2016

This month, I’d like to share fresh ways to look at your timeshare week. Especially if you are new to timeshare, or considering taking those first steps to explore the world of vacation ownership. From what I have seen, most people think that timeshare is about going to one holiday location, year after year for as long as your membership lasts. Take a closer look and you will see what an exciting world it is, when you sign up with a resort on the AIRDA network.

I mention AIRDA here because in India, AIRDA members represent the organized sector in timeshare and vacation ownership. AIRDA members follow a CODE OF ETHICS that puts the customer first and have methods and practices that are common across AIRDA resorts in the country.

Coming back to my topic for this month – which is about new ways of looking at timeshare – here is an eye opener to a whole new experience.

Have you thought of driving down to your holiday resort?

If you take a look at the resort map on your resort promoter’s portal or website, you’re bound to find a nice location that’s nearby. A location that you can easily drive down to, with your family.  A timeshare vacation is not always about taking a plane to a far-flung location.

I am based in Bangalore and have discovered at least five to six resorts in Coorg, Munnar, Ooty and other scenic locations nearby. These are locations that are within comfortable driving distance – let’s say five to seven hours at the most. Driving down to your resort is part of the experience and builds up excitement levels – especially when it comes to children.

If your home resort is not part of an extended network nearby, you could explore an exchange option within the AIRDA network – and this is done fairly easily. You may need to do a little homework and get in touch with your resort for information on this.

How do we manage another getaway this year?

Most people who are not used to going on a regular vacation every year, have a difficult time planning, or actually making that break from work. For them fitting a vacation within the calendar becomes a task in itself. Talking to customers, I’ve heard all the concerns and reasons. I can’t take time off from work(!) My wife needs to coincide her holiday with mine(!) Not sure if the kids will have their vacations at the same time(?)

But once you start working seriously on “the vacation habit” as I call it, you will really enjoy yourself, and look forward to taking that break. With a little planning you will soon see that everything will soon fall into place nice and early.

What will we really do on our vacation?

One of the things about a timeshare vacation is the wide range of activities possible at your resort - you will find something engaging for each member of your family. Right from well-equipped gyms and sparkling blue swimming pools against a picturesque backdrop. You will discover activity centers for children, plantation visits for senior citizens, and outdoor activities for those who are younger in mind, body and spirit.

These days, resorts spend a lot of time planning activities for their guests. Unlike a standard hotel that basically caters to the needs of guests in transit, a timeshare resort has to ensure that guests are really enjoy the time they spend at the resort. Which means organizing activities within the premises of the resort, and outside – and this could include exploring local tourist highlights and other nice-to-see locations that are unique and interesting.

Hope the food will be a pleasant surprise . . .

One of the things I have always liked and looked forward to during my timeshare vacation is the choice of food and cuisine options available these days. By and large, you would have a multi-cuisine approach to your F&B plan. I have often found the buffets very interesting with a wide spread of options. You may even have theme restaurants at your resort to make things special for you during your holiday.

Talking to timeshare customers about their holiday experiences, F&B seems to be a key ingredient in the happy times they can recall about a vacation. Like they always say, food makes the world go round.

And here’s my invitation to explore the world of timeshare in India. For starters, please explore the AIRDA website (www.airda.org) there’s a lot of information here that can be very, very useful.

B. S. Rathor

Advisor & Member - Executive Committee


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