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- Paul Theroux

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September 2015

Is a vacation linked to health, wellness and happy relationships?

In the past, we have done stories on the importance of not missing out on your annual vacation. We have also stressed on how beneficial a vacation can be when you take that well deserved break. While this seems like a simple need-based equation, studies have been done by research organizations, wellness experts, and focus groups working on the psychological benefits of taking time off from work.

In most companies, employees can mark out in advance their preferred time slots for annual vacations. But how many of us actually pack our bags and set off on that holiday we have always been dreaming of?

In the past, I have spoken to HR managers, wellness consultants, and our own research associates about the strong link between a general sense of well being and planned vacations. And the responses I have heard underline the same guideline – take your vacation with the family, when you can. And plan your vacation with the same seriousness as a business trip.

In this month’s Q&A we talk to Arathi Venkatesh from Cognizant Technology Solutions, where she is a Behavioral Assessments Expert, with a focus on Learning & Development. She talks about renewal and freshness linked to taking time off on your annual vacation. In her words, “You come back refreshed, and you come back wrinkle-free and smiling ear to ear.”

Professionals in counseling dealing with patients complaining of stress and burnout also talk about the benefits of giving yourself the time to heal from high-pressure jobs and work environments. They also talk about visible changes in the ability to handle stress, even after short weekend breaks - which are a good starting point on your holiday calendar.

Timeshare vacations: just what the doctor ordered!

Timeshare vacations can bring the discipline of an annual vacation into your life. You have paid your money forward, so there’s no way to roll that back. You’ve made a commitment for 25 years, or more and there’s no way to change that. Unless of course you have a very good reason to postpone that holiday. In a way, all is not lost because you can accumulate your weeks, or gift your week to a family member, or friend. But our advice to you here is simple: if you can make it, don’t make an excuse.

  • Excuse # 01 – How can I possibly go on a vacation?
    Start your calendar countdown early – useful to plan in advance, and you would be the best judge on that. If you’re dealing with large families, you could have working professionals with busy schedules, young couples with small children, and senior citizens who need to work around health issues. To make things simple, use a smartphone networking platform to share information and obtain feedback, in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Excuse # 02 – I’m free, but the wife is busy . . .
    Do we miss out on a vacation because our spouses can’t align their holiday calendars to ours. Something like this happens all the time, with two paycheck families – especially when both husband and wife have extremely demanding jobs. Coinciding holiday calendars for some people can be a tight rope exercise that may not go the distance.
  • Excuse # 03 – Just got a call from Dad . . .
    Do we miss out on a vacation because of an unforeseen health issue? Now that’s another thing out of your control. Health issues invariably get you to hit that PAUSE button – especially if it is a family member – and the health of kids and grandparents is of particular concern here.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member - Executive Committee

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