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- Paul Theroux

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April 2015

I’ve been in the corporate world for over forty years, now. When we were young professionals, you would get brownie points if you cancelled a holiday to stay back in office and help the team. The boss would say he is proud of you and this would somehow get reflected in a reward at the end of the year – a promotion, or a substantial raise.

Those days, even if you managed to convince the boss about that vacation, he could ask you to call from some land line, every single day. Just to make sure you were still on a leash and ready to rush back, should the need arise.

In today’s world, bosses are far more accommodating - they won’t bother you unless it’s really earth-shattering. Especially if you have planned well in advance, and worked around your vacation in terms of jobs and deliverables. In fact your boss wants to see you come back refreshed, bringing in positive energy and enthusiasm.

I can also see that today’s young professional works harder and works longer hours. And this is largely because technology drives people to perform. The internet with its online magic through email and file sharing enables a client to get back faster on your proposals – the sooner he gets back to you, the quicker you must turn around. And that’s how the wheels of enterprise work these days. Mobiles, of course have added a whole new dimension. Your client can now reach out and tap you on the shoulder, even if you’re half-way around the world.

Life is about Moments – a message of peace and inspiration for today’s hard-working professionals, from Prince Ea.

Recently, we shared a video from YouTube, by Prince Ea on our facebook page – it’s about taking a break from work to be with our family and friends.
What I would suggest right now, is close all those work related windows on your computer, pick up a cup of coffee, and listen to some pearls of wisdom from someone who looks at life from refreshing point of view. If your work engulfs you in a maze of commitments, deadlines and turnarounds, this video is for you - it is a mind bender. It opens your eyes, gives you a reality check and primes you enough for you to say, “Honey, let’s start packing our bags.”

Play the video. If Prince Ea can’t motivate you to take that well-deserved break, give me a ring one of these days. I’d really like to meet you.

B. S. Rathor
Principal Advisor & Member - Executive Committee

Here’s a brief story on Prince Ea from Wikipedia. Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince Ea, is an American rapper and activist. Born: September 16, 1988 -  St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Nationality: American.

This post shares some worldly wisdom from Prince Ea’s video – there is no attempt to link the video to any other communications on this site, or violate any copyrights. Brand names and ownership of video contents rest with the producers.

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